Holiday season do’s and don’ts

Things to do

Take a break from electronics

The holidays are all about getting together with those you love. Take a break from social media, and connect with those you only get to see around the holidays.

Secret Santa

Whether you are in a class or club at school, or a group of best friends, a fun and affordable way to show appreciation is to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. A few weeks in advance, arrange a time when your Secret Santa group can exchange and open gifts.


Exercise is a great way to relieve holiday stress. Around the holidays, the weather gets cooler, so it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy nature while pumping endorphins.  Go take a walk on the beach or attend a yoga class.

Things to avoid

Controversial pics

The best way to avoid disagreements and keep the peace at holiday gatherings, is to stay neutral. Topics like religion, politics and diet can all trigger arguments. Realize that not everyone will have the same views and that is how it will always be. If around relatives to discuss things that happened since the last time you had seen them.

“Dissing” a gift

Just like the popular vine of a boy getting an avocado as a present, always be thankful for the gifts you receive. Although you may not like them, it is important to remember it is the thought that counts when giving any time.


Holidays for some can mean party season. Do not overcommit; it could ruin your holiday spirit. Don’t feel bad about not making every party and get together. If the person is close to you, reschedule a gathering at a later time when things are less hectic. A true friend wouldn’t mind.