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Teachers beyond the classroom

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Students tend to forget their teachers are people beyond the classroom, and like us, they have other things to do besides school.

When class is not in session, faculty and staff enjoy travelling, going to places like Sanibel Island, Georgia, Alabama, New York and even as far away as Europe.

“Europe is my favorite place to travel,” Curtis Gendron said. He has traveled to Greece, Italy and Rome.

English teacher Janina Jeffs (Ancona) also enjoys her vacations. “I love to travel! I was lucky enough to go to Yellowstone with JERFSA this summer, and I also went to Yucatan, Mexico,” Jeffs said.

Outside of school, Jupiter teachers also give back to the community, in particular English teacher Melanie Jones who gives back in a unique way.

“In addition to baking and reading, I tutor through the foster care system. Students in the foster care system have about a 30% graduation rate, so I am trying to help in my own, small way,” Jones said.

Administrators, like the teachers they oversee, also lead intriguing lives outside of Jupiter hallways. When she is not at the beach or with her family, Assistant Principal Amber Saunders enjoys attending concerts including Bruno Mars. In addition, she loves attending Broadway shows like Wicked and Hamilton on her visits to New York City.

“My favorite part of visiting New York was definitely getting to see all the brand new snow and having my flight delayed three days so I could spend extra time in the city,” Saunders said.

Although Saunders is busy, she makes time to further her education a personal goal.

“I decided to further my education because I don’t ever want there to be a point in my career in education where a door is closed due to the lack of certification or degree,” Saunders said.

Fellow administrator Joe Lang likes to travel to places closer to home, like Sanibel and Georgia. He spent his honeymoon in Costa Rica with his wife and fellow Warrior Cathy Lang, and he hopes to return soon. However, he also enjoys his free time at home in Stuart.

“[I like] spending time with my lovely wife, kids and dogs Lilli and Bandit,” Lang said. “I also spend a lot of time hanging with Mrs. Muncy and Coach Mook.”

In addition to travelling and spending time with loved ones, Jupiter faculty and staff enjoy seeing their students outside of school.

“[Seeing students outside of school] is great. I see students at the gym, local restaurants and the beach. I think it great,” said Gendron.

“I love seeing students outside of school! It makes my day! I love going to games and events for the same reason,” Jones said.

Like the students they mentor, Warrior teachers and administrators have a pretty dynamic life outside of school.



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Teachers beyond the classroom