Make Earth Day every day


Palm Beach Post

Palm Beach citizens pitch in to save the Earth.

Every year on April 22, people from all around the world participate in helping the environment; this day is known as Earth Day. As controversy surrounding our planet’s health grows, people should begin to think about taking action not just on Earth Day, but every day.

“Go green,” “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle,” “Save our planet.” These phrases are heard everywhere almost every day, but it seems like we aren’t doing enough to take action. Here are some daily things you can do:

Read paperback books: Most paper companies replant trees after cutting them down, but if more digital copied books are sold than paperback, paper industries go out of business, leading to companies selling the land to other corporations which deforest the entirety of the land previously owned by paper making companies. Become a paperback bookworm!

Carpool: Carpooling to school, work or anywhere else will reduce the amount of cars on the road, reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, which also saves gas money!

Use reusable water bottles: 91% of our plastic isn’t recycled. Most reusable water bottles have filters in them now, so it’s cleaner and more efficient to use than buying plastic water bottles from leading brands.

Pick up any trash in sight: Removing any litter will relieve animals, their habitats and the possibility of our planet becoming overflowed with trash.

Raise awareness: Start a club, create a town meeting or start a social media account about keeping our planet healthy! The more education people get, the more aware they become of their harmful actions to our Mother Earth.

Promote biodegradable alternatives: Even though our own town of Jupiter supplied restaurants with biodegradable straws, they should be provided to all facilities everyday than just Earth Day.