RM releases “Mono” playlist



A snapshot of the visual for the song “Forever Rain” in which the person is walking through the rain wallowing in their loneliness.

On Oct. 23, RM, main rapper and leader of BTS, released his second solo playlist [mixtape] “Mono” containing seven songs with deep emotional meaning. The mixtape has reached immense popularity on the billboard 200.

This track list is different from the rough hip-hop rap style of his first mixtape; the songs have a softer melodic sound.

With less than three days of chart activity, “‘Mono’ debuted at No. 26 on the Billboard 200 with 21,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending Oct. 25, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 16,000 were in traditional album sales,” Jeff Benjamin of Billboard said.

“Tokyo” is the first song, and is set to a soft track and a piano instrumental. The instrumental is of BTS’s song “I NEED U” reversed with the added background noise of a city. The lyrics depict waking up in Tokyo in a state of longing, and convey the feeling of hollowness that is felt and the want for comfort.

“Seoul” has a more relaxed instrumental and is based on the city in which RM currently lives and his bittersweet feelings toward the city with the lyrics “If love and hate are the same words, I love you Seoul… I hate you Seoul.” His lyrics display word play with the word “Seoul,” and “soul,” and he questions how a busy concrete city can be a genuine place.

“Moonchild” is the third song with a soft instrumental and heavy beat, calling out those who are struggling with being in a dark place and dealing with personal hardships by encouraging them to keep hope and try to find the light of the moon from within.

“Badbye” is RM’s way of saying the opposite of goodbye, which is a positive bid of farewell. The track features a strong haunting rhythm with repetitive lyrics that depict a person’s struggle in coping with pain.

The fifth song “Uhgood” has a nice beat and focuses on the struggle of being your true self versus what is ideal to society. The lyrics depict the urgent feeling that RM feels to cross a bridge and be his true self.

“Everything goes” is an uplifting song that conveys the message that nothing on earth lasts forever and will soon pass. The pain and hardships that people face will soon be a thing of the past. It is set to piano, guitar, and a sound synthesizer.

The final song titled “Forever Rain” is a contemporary rap song in which he talks about his personal struggle with depression and fear of change. The song is a direct connection to the title of the mixtape “Mono,” meaning “alone or single,” derived from the word monolithic meaning “unable to be changed.” The sentiment of the song is about being an outcast.