Holiday gift guide for your pickiest friends



Gift-giving season has arrived. Use this gift guide for inspiration when shopping for your loved ones.

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s gift-giving season. Friendsgiving, White Elephant, Christmas, Hanukkah and Secret Santa gift exchanges are popular in the months of Nov. and Dec. Here are a few gift ideas in a variety of price ranges to help you have a stress-free holiday shopping season.

$10 and under

Sephora Collection Eye Masks
Under-eye masks are the perfect post-flight remedy, and Sephora has eight different formulas to choose from. Among the variety are the rose formula, which is ultra-moisturizing, and the Green Tea formula, which is relaxing and refreshing.
To buy:, $5

Collapsible water bottles
When empty, these BPA-free polyethylene and nylon water bottles can be flattened and folded to take up far less bag real estate than conventional ones.
To buy:, $7

Portable chargers
There’s nothing more inconvenient to a traveler than an almost-depleted battery halfway through the day. These lipstick-sized chargers store enough charge to juice up your phone back to full battery.
To buy:, $10

Gift these phone grips to your friends as a great gift if you want to take more selfies with them.

To buy:, $10

$25 and under

Monogrammed tumbler

Tumblers are a go-to when shopping for anyone who is difficult to buy for. Getting them monogrammed is a nice, personal touch. Depending on the size of the cup and brand monogrammed cups can vary in prices. The base cup can be as inexpensive as $10 and it’s an easy stocking stuffer.

To buy:, $10 and up

A Refreshing Facial Spray
With soothing ingredients like aloe and rosewater, Mario Badescu facial spray adds a hydration boost to skin- or hair-care routines. This spray sets makeup and acts as a midday pick-me-up. The skin care lover in your life will thank you.

To buy:, $12

Face Masks
Lapcos is a Korean beauty brand. They make some of the best face masks on the market. The Lapcos Variety Mask + Exfoliating Pad Set has seven different masks and an exfoliating pad; they make for the perfect gift. Users can try different options until they find the perfect mask for their skin type.
To buy:, $22

Little Steamer Go Mini
A travel steamer can be a life-saving piece of equipment to keep in your suitcase or in your bathroom for last-minute de-wrinkling.

To buy:, $20

$50 and under

Amazon Echo Dot can do basically everything its larger siblings can do except it’s tiny enough to fit anywhere in your home. Possible uses are endless, and the Echo Dot has the smarts to help just about anyone.

To buy:, $25-$50 (depending on which generation you choose)

$100 and under

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera with Printing Technology

The polaroid camera allows you to take photos and instantly print them with no wifi connection, ink or computer. This is a great gift for your adventurous friend that loves to capture moments.

To buy:, $89.99

Surround Sound Shower System

The surround sound shower system gives you the ultimate musical showering experience. The dual speakers provide vibrant wireless sound for hours. You can even answer phone calls through these speakers.

To buy:, $99.99

$150 and under

“WITTI BEDDI” Smart Radio Alarm Clock

This smart clock will make mornings a lot more manageable. Features include a white-noise generator and a stimulating wake-up light. You can also connect your iPhone to the clock for a stress-free morning.

To buy:, $99.99

Apple Airpods
These headphones sound crisp and allow for  hands-free conversations or musical enjoyment. Once you get them, you’ll sort of wonder what you ever did without them.

To buy: apple, $150