Election results in Fla.



Record-breaking numbers turned out to vote on Election Day.

The U.S. Midterm Elections were Nov. 6, and with a predicted “Blue Wave” and record-breaking voter turnout, results were highly anticipated. Here are the most important and local Fla. wins:


Republican Rick Scott won against Democrat Bill Nelson with 50.1% of the vote. This election was recounted, but Scott ended up as the winner.


Republican Ron DeSantis won against Democrat Andrew Gillum with 49.7% of the vote. This election was also recounted, with DeSantis still winning.

House Representatives:

Republican Brian Mast won District 18 by 54.3% against Lauren Baer.

Amendment 1: Failed

Amendment 1 proposed an increase on homestead property tax exemption. This would have meant that property greater than $100,000 and up to $125,000 would be exempt from taxes. It needed 60% approval to pass.

58% Yes

42% No

Amendment 2: Passed

Amendment 2 proposed a limit on property tax assessment increases on non-homestead properties to up to 10% per year. Small businesses, Florida Tax Watch and the Florida Association of Realtors supported this amendment. If it had not passed, owners would have been forced to pay taxes on the full values of their non-homestead properties, and thus renters, those on fixed incomes and patrons of small businesses would have had to pay higher costs.

66% Yes

34% No

Amendment 3: Passed

Amendment 3 proposed barring legislators from authorizing casino gambling. Now voters will be able to dictate whether new casinos can open.

71% Yes

29% No

Amendment 4: Passed

Amendment 4 proposed restoring the voting rights of felons who have completed their parole or probation. These new voting rights would exclude those convicted of murder or sexual charges. Florida was one of only four states that disenfranchised the voting rights of felons permanently. 1.5 million Floridians will now have the right to vote.

64% Yes

36% No

Amendment 5: Passed

Amendment 5 proposed the requirement of two-thirds approval in each legislative chamber in order for sales taxes to be raised. This differs from a simple majority that was previously required.

66% Yes

34% No

Amendment 6: Passed

Amendment 6 proposed that the rights of victims be included in the Constitution and also allows judges to retire at 75. It would specify victims’ rights to due process, freedom from intimidation and abuse protection. It would also set deadlines to complete state appeals and give votes access to more information surrounding their case.

62% Yes

38% No

Amendment 7: Passed

Amendment 7 proposes a mandatory payment of death benefits and waiver of educational expenses to the survivors of first responders and military members who died on duty. It also requires college boards to have a supermajority vote in order to raise fees.

66% Yes

34% No

Amendment 9: Passed

Amendment 9 proposes prohibiting oil drilling off Florida’s coast and prohibiting vaping in enclosed workplaces. Vaping would still be allowed in private properties.

69% Yes

31% No

Amendment 10: Passed

Amendment 10 proposed that all counties should be required to elect sheriffs, property appraisers, supervisors of elections, tax collectors and clerks of court.

63% Yes

37% No

Amendment 11: Passed

Amendment 11 proposed new non-discriminatory property rights for non-citizens and would allow new prosecutions when laws are rewritten.

62% Yes

38% No

Amendment 12: Passed

Amendment 12 proposed legislators be prohibited from lobbying for six years, compared to the previous two-year cap.

79% Yes

21% No

Amendment 13: Passed

Amendment 13 proposed prohibiting dog racing in Florida. Other betting activities will not be affected.

69% Yes

31% No

Countywide School Question: Passed

This question proposed a tax based on the value of your home that will go towards funding for the school district. It will fund safety equipment, hire additional school police and mental health professionals, fund arts, music and physical education and increase teacher pay.

72.4% Yes

27.6% No