Gaming companies are being sued for stolen dances used in “Fortnite”



Russell Horning (left) and Alfonso Ribeiro (right) are suing Epic Games Inc. and Take-Two interactive Inc. for using copyrighted dances on the popular game “Fortnite.”

Earlier this month, the creators of the popular game “Fortnite” have had three lawsuits filed against them for using supposedly stolen dances in the game.

The first lawsuit to be filed was from Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly, whose real name is Terrance Ferguson. He is credited for creating and popularising the Milly Rock, and is suing on the claim of  “alleged misappropriation, use and sale of [the] Milly Rock dance,” Stefani Fogel of Variety said.

Another lawsuit was filed by former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Alfonso Ribeiro for the use of the Carlton dance, a dance he created for his character Carlton Banks on the 1990’s sitcom. Ribeiro filed a claim stating “the companies have unfairly profited from using his likeness and exploiting his protected creative freedom,” Amir Vera and Chris Boyette of CNN said. Ribeiro has also claimed the companies have used the dance “without permission or credit.”

The latest lawsuit to be filed against the gaming company comes from 17-year-old Russell Horning, also known as “The Backpack Kid,” who created the Floss dance. The dance rose to popularity in 2016 when Horning performed with Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live. It has been  alleged the gaming company has “breached his copyright” for his signature dance.

Both Epic Games Inc. and Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. have refused to comment on the lawsuits.