Ending the year on a positive note

Baby gorillas were seen dismantling poacher traps.

ABC News

Baby gorillas were seen dismantling poacher traps.

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The news and social media do a great good job of reporting all of the bad things happening in the word. It is rare that you watch the news without mention of politics, violence or tragedy. The world is so focused on the upsetting events that we forget how much we have accomplished. So to end 2018 off on a positive note, here are eight great things happening in the world.

Baby gorillas have learned to dismantle poacher’s traps

In 2012, after a poacher’s trap killed a young gorilla in Rwanda, researchers spotted two four-year old gorilla’s helping each other dismantle a trap.

We are close to eliminating another disease from the planet

We have already been successful in eradicating smallpox. Now we are the closest we have been to eliminating the Guinea Worm Disease. People become infected when they drink contaminated water.

Scientists are working on turning seawater into drinking water

Researchers announced the invention of the graphene-oxide membrane, which filters salt out of salt water.

Hyperloops are going to be the future of transportation

The hyperloop system is a system that brings airplane speeds to the ground in a safe and sustainable manner. It shuttles people in an underground “pod” at speeds of 700 mph. Hyperloops are already being built in the U.S., the Netherlands, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

NASA released all of their research to the public

NASA announced that all of their research funded by the space agency will be available to the public at no cost.

Australia is on track to be the first country to wipe out a type of cancer

According to a new study, before 2030 Australia will become the first country in the world to wipe out cervical cancer.

The world record for “biggest wave surfed” was recently broken

British surfer Tom Butler dropped in on a huge wave estimated to be 100 feet tall at the Nazaré in Portugal. Although he hasn’t submitted the ride to the Guinness World Record officials, surf experts say he surpassed the record.

Truckers are now donating rejected food shipments to charities

Instead of dumping thousands of pounds of edible food into landfills, truckers are now donating them to local charities. Not only is this helping homeless shelters, but it also allows truckers to avoid expensive landfill fees and provides them with a tax deduction for donated goods.