Hamilton panic leaves three injured



A performance of Hamilton at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco

During a performance of the Broadway hit show “Hamilton” in San Francisco on Feb. 15, three people were injured during a “self-evacuation,” after theatergoers mistakenly interpreted part of the show as an active shooting situation.

In the scene where Alexander Hamilton gets shot, an anonymous theatergoer had a medical emergency in response to the shooting, and the audience concluded there was a shooter in the theater.

“The woman and three injured people were taken to local hospitals, police tweeted. One of the three people injured had a broken leg. The woman who suffered the medical emergency was taken to a hospital and reported in critical condition,” Jay Croft, CNN reporter, said.

Cast members and theatergoers followed the automatic safety evacuation directions to exit the theater safely, after the woman had a reported heart attack.

“Police told reporter Shirin Rajaee — who was in the audience — that a woman was having a heart attack and someone in the theater thought she had been shot. In the chaos, some people jumped into police patrol cars,” Croft said.