BigHit’s new group TomorrowxTogether has amassed massive success within a week of their debut


New group TomorrowxTogether in the first shot of the music video for their single “Crown."

On March 4, BigHit entertainment’s new and highly anticipated group Tomorrow by Together debuted with the release of their single “Crown” and EP “The Dream Chapter: Star.”

The following day, the five boys took the stage for the first time, performing their popular single “Crown” on Mnet, a South Korean music broadcasting network.

The boys hit the stage with a highly energetic performance and captured the crowd’s attention with their choreography and catchy tunes. People were immediately captivated by the group, becoming instant fans.

“TXT really is THAT rookie group. All their vocals snatched. Their dancing?? Amazing. Their stage presence is no joke, you can’t even tell that they are babies,” Jia, a fan via Twitter, said.

The EP consists of five songs: “Blue Orangeade,” “Crown,” “Our Summer,” “Cat and Dog” and “Nap of a Star.”

“Blue Orangeade” is an upbeat pop ballad with a bit of an old school 90’s vibe. It is about the boys having interest in a girl who is the complete opposite of them, much like the opposing colors of blue and orange.

“Crown” has a soft, electro-pop beat accompanied by smooth vocals. The song is about a boy who grows horns on his head and feels like he is out of place in the world. He hides away from people to prevent being teased until one day he sees a light which he follows, and he meets a boy with wings. The boy with wings helps the boy with horns realize he is fine the way he is, and the two develop a friendship.

The music video for “Crown” amassed huge success, with nearly 15 million views within the first 24 hours of its release.

“Our Summer” is a soft tempo song about how a person’s mood changes when they get to spend time with a special person in their life. The lyrics describe feeling almost euphoric.

Next is “Cat and Dog,” a song with playful lyrics and a catchy hip-hop beat. The lyrics describe wanting to be someone’s best friend or “pet,” symbolizing lifelong friendship.

Lastly is “Nap of a Star.” This song is a soft ballad about feeling a sense of connectedness to a loved one, knowing that even when the two of them are apart they are never alone.

TXT is the rookie idol group of BigHit. Is it the first group to debut under the company since BTS in 2013.

On March 12, TomorrowxTogether won their first award for their song “Crown” on “SBS MTV: The Show.”