The Virginia Cavaliers are victorious

The NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship was on April 9. The matchup was between the Virginia Cavaliers and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. It took place at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MI. The Cavaliers were victorious over the Red Raiders 85-77 in an overtime win.

Both teams had to battle through March Madness to get to the National Championship game. Texas Tech had beat the Michigan State Spartans 61-51 in the Final Four. Virginia beat the Auburn Tigers 63-62 in the Final Four. Both games had proved these teams deserved to be in the championship.

Virginia led for most of the game, but at the very end Texas Tech came back. The score at the end of the second half was tied 78-78, which led them to overtime. In overtime Virginia remained dominant and won the game in the end. The Cavaliers have secured their first National Championship after pushing through an amazing game.

Virginia’s slow pace offense that slowly passed the opponent and their amazing defense were the reason they won the Championship and progressed through the March Madness tournament.  Virginia’s Kyle Guy with his outstanding performance in the Final Four and Championship. He recorded 24 points and 3 rebounds in the most important game of his life.

Virginia was not viewed as a potential Championship winner at the beginning of the 2019 tournament. This is because last year Virginia was also ranked first seed in their region and yet still lost to the 16th seed, UMBC. Marking the first time a number one seed had lost to a 16 seed in the first round. So, confidence in how Virginia would perform was low. They turned the tables to prove everyone wrong by becoming the 2019 National Championship winners.