Potty Patrol Problem


Kaysa Flemk-Joli

Two boys go into the boys bathroom after being escorted by an Assistant Principal.

At Jupiter High, a new policy was implemented in Oct. so that when students leave the classroom, they must be escorted. The administration’s reasoning is that the new escort system will deter students from vaping in the bathrooms and wandering the halls aimlessly. 

While something has to be done to end the cesspool of vapor that was our school bathrooms, the new policy will not inhibit students from vaping. 

The addiction to nicotine and other substance-based vape products has plagued this school and many other high schools across the U.S. Our students vape anywhere, and I mean anywhere. From hallways to bathrooms to classrooms, no place is free from vaping students. 

Unfortunately, because of other students’ addiction, I feel trapped in my own high school. Using the restroom is a basic human right, and the school is infringing on my right to do so freely and in private.

For us normal kids that don’t vape, we are punished for something we didn’t even commit. I say punish the individual and not the group. That philosophy seems to work everywhere else in our nation, just not here at JHS.