Dear Delilah: Thanksgiving


Dear Delilah,

I’m vegetarian so Thanksgiving time is especially hard for me due to my inability to eat traditional Thanksgiving day food. What are some ways I can make my feast more diet appropriate?



Dear Starving,

I totally get your struggle! I was pescetarian for a while and the hardest time is holiday time. In my journey I discovered tons of tips for anyone who wants to embrace the holiday season and stick to their diet.

Before you even think about cooking, you need to make a menu. If you decide you want traditional Thanksgiving foods, make a list and see what doesn’t fit your diet. Most traditional of all would be turkey. There are vegan/vegetarian alternatives to the classic turkey. One brand named Tofurkey makes turkey out of tofu. It even tastes like the real thing!

Stuffing can easily be made vegetarian by not soaking it in chicken juice like most recipes call for.

There are plenty of websites that give vegans/vegetarians ways to enjoy your dinner and stick to your diet. Bon Appetit and the Food Network are my favorite.

Consider cutting out foods if you can’t find a recipe to make them vegetarian. Maybe even stray away from what’s usually eaten on the holiday. Instead of the usual cooked squash, add a twist by making a saute.

Happy and healthy eating is just a click away and there are billions of recipes and alternatives you can find online!

Happy Eating!