Florida senate passes bill for parental consent to get an abortion

On Thursday Feb. 28, Florida legislature passed a bill stating that pregnant minors must receive consent from a legal guardian to get an abortion. The Florida state House voted 75-43 to approve the bill. 

A legal guardian of the minor must provide the physician with proof of a government-issued ID, and said guardian must notarize a document stating they are allowing the abortion.  As of Thursday, any doctor who preforms an abortion on a pregnant minor without proper documentation could face up to five years in prison for a third-degree felony. 

There have been exceptions made under the bill in regards to an abortion; if there is a medical emergency or if the minor resides for a judicial waiver.  

Five male state House Democrats voted with their Republican colleagues to pass the bill, while two Republican female lawmakers voted against the bill being passed. 

Republican state Representative Heather Fitzenhagen argued against the bill, although being pro-life, exclaimed how pregnancy is a difficult decision and should remain private without government interference. She stated how she can envision how many minors may now be afraid, and could even lead to more run-aways and suicide rates to go up. 

Florida now joins Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming on the “legal consent card” of getting abortions. 

“I do have a few misgivings… how long would the battle in court be for a child of abuse by a parent, where the young woman would have to prove she was abused in order to bypass parental consent?” an anonymous source said. 

 In section one of the bill, senator Stargel writes on what can be done if there was an allegation of sexual abuse to the minor which has been a a major topic for some time now regarding abortion acts/ laws being passed. 

“Will the court system take into account the trials length? Could the length of the trail push the pregnancy past 24 weeks?” an anonymous source said. 

In line 197, Stargel writes that if the minor is a victim of child abuse and presents clear and present evidence of parental sexual abuse, the court will issue an order allowing the minor to receive an abortion without parental consent. 

“It seems wrong to me that a young woman must go through a civil case before seeking treatment,” said an unanimous source. “The current law states that a parent or guardian must be notified prior to the procedure, yet couples with the abortion rates being at an all time low [due to access to birth control] which makes me question the need for the bill.” 

Do you feel Florida or any representative in the Senate or House of Representatives should decide on what a young woman should be doing with her own body? Is this parental “permission slip” necessary?