Prom preparations during COVID-19


JHS Student Government

Virtual flyer advertising prom's new date. Published on the Student Government Association social media accounts.

Jupiter High’s prom has been rescheduled for June 26 at the Wyndham Grand in Harbourside Place, but stores and salons are only just now reopening and operating at a limited capacity. Regardless, it’s not too late to start preparing for your prom “look,” from attire to makeup to hair, so you can be ready to do it on your own, at home. 

Upstyling a dress

It’s never too late to find that perfect dress. Although some prom dress shops are temporarily closed, there are still many outlets for finding your perfect prom dress. Start by digging through your closet, looking around for old homecoming dresses or the fanciest dress you own. Now, you can either keep the dress as is, or you can hem, style and add as much or as little fabric you want to completely restyle an old dress.

Amazon is another great place to find a prom dress that is gorgeous and comfortable in your price range. For Amazon Prime members, shipping should come within a week, but if not, order it soon so you have it just in time. Ordering your dress online will allow you to find the one you’re looking for even some stores closed.

You can also check out prom dresses on websites like Lulus and, but shipping may be delayed because of COVID-19.

Doing your makeup may seem difficult, but with all of this time, we have practice to make it perfect. YouTube offers helpful tutorials that give viewers a step-by-step guide on a variety of styles. Now, if you don’t own a lot of makeup, and you’re on a budget, grab your mask and gloves, and stop by any local drug store or grocery store to grab all the products you need. The Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour liquid foundation is the most popular drug store foundation you can purchase, and it works wonders in in giving you a more formal look. Elf Cosmetics also offers a variety of makeup tools, and their sets that are in the more affordable price range.

Doing your own prom hair can be complicated, depending on the look and style you want. YouTube is the best way to search what style you want, given the hundreds of tutorials available, and it even shows how the style looks on different hair lengths. If you don’t have a straightener, curling iron or blow dryer, you can purchase these at any local grocery or drug store. The most popular products are sold by Remington.

Finally, to complete the prom look, make sure you have a corsage. These can be purchased or made at home, with dozens of YouTube videos on how to create a DIY corsage that looks like it came from a professional florist.  Purchase your favorite flowers, real or fake, from a local grocery store, and customize it according to the dress. Here are some videos that offer step-by-step instructions.