Goodbye from the editor

Lindsey Fine's senior staff photo from the 2019-2020 school year.

I honestly can’t believe I’m writing this article. I can’t believe I’m a graduating senior. I can’t believe I’m no longer going to have the password for the website that’s URL is the first thing that comes up in my google search. I can’t believe I am saying goodbye to this program that has given me so much. I started in War Cry as a 13-year-old freshman who never interviewed a source, written an article or knew what AP style was now I’m here having interviewed upwards of 200 people, written over 30 articles and have an opinion about the Oxford comma.

This program has been a constant for me throughout my high school experience, through the learning curve of freshman year, Richard Sciacca’s outlines sophomore year and the all-nighters junior year, this program has been a place I knew I was valued and could make a difference in my school. Seeing War Cry go from a class that published articles bimonthly to an organization with a website updated daily and print publication.

Not only has War Cry transformed my journalism skills, but it also transformed my leadership abilities. This program has allowed me to lead a staff of 18 and show them what journalism is about. Watching their writing and interviewing abilities improve this year has been such an amazing experience and I am beyond sad that I will never get to address them as an entire staff together in room 4-110 or get the “last day” of being on the staff of a newspaper.

One unique experience I had on staff was always being the baby. I never had another staff member in my own grade until this year, but the War Cry’s class of 2019 was about 15 people who became my older siblings. Since I’m the oldest child at home, having people who had already been through what I was going though provided a support and advice system I didn’t know I needed. Now I have two of the best people in my graduating class on staff and it has been an absolute pleasure. I honestly couldn’t picture this year without them.  They stepped up to help me when I needed it even though I didn’t ask and were so eager to become the best staffers they could despite having almost no experience.

War Cry has given me so much and I will never be able to fully communicate how thankful I am for this program. I am going into college knowing I’ve made a positive impact on JHS by providing it a consistent online news source as well as a news-magazine. War Cry has become a part of who I am and it will be difficult trying to adjust to academic life without it. I am eager to see everything this publication accomplishes next year and beyond, and look forward to visiting this thanksgiving since that will be the end of my semester anyways.

Signing out of War Cry’s WordPress account for the last time,

Lindsey Fine