Study tips for online learning

In a school year with an unconventional start, that transformed into a hybrid learning model, students are looking for ways to improve their study habits. 

Jupiter High started the school year online on Aug. 31 then opened their doors to students who wanted to return to brick-and-mortar on Sept. 21. Those who opt to continue learning virtually have to accommodate doing their work remotely. Although this type of schooling may seem stressful, with proper study methods, students can maintain good grades, all the while learning at home. Here are some tips on how to be successful while learning online. 

Stay Organized

Staying organized is the key to good study habits. In Google Drive, make a folder for each subject, and put all your assignments for that class in the folder. This way, all your information is in one place. You can also make separate tabs in each folder for even better organization. 

“It’s a lot easier to keep my work organized, so it makes it easier to study,” Evan Wester, a Jupiter High sophomore, said. 

Make Flashcards

Making flashcards is a great way for students to study tested information. Some people have a better time remembering the material when they’ve written it down, as opposed to typing it. Some people prefer typing, and websites like Quizlet are perfect for making online flashcards.  

“I highly recommend making flashcards,” Olivia Mooney, a Jupiter High freshman, said. “It just helps writing them down.” 

Try Quizlet

Quizlet is a platform where teachers and students can create study guides for tests, so it’s perfect for distance learning. You can flip through flashcards, play a game and even do a practice test. This helps students become more comfortable with the material and allows them to move at their own pace. 

“Online studying is easier because everything is better organized,” Wester said. “Some classes have Quizlets that I can use.”

Adjust Your Schedule 

Some classes give a lot of information while others are more project-based. Depending on the class, you should adjust how long you study for each one, but don’t go overboard. Set an alarm for a specific amount of time. Once that alarm goes off, move on. If you are still not comfortable with what you’ve studied, take a break and come back to it later. 

“Whatever subject is harder for me I normally study longer or harder,” Mooney said. “I want to feel as comfortable as possible.” 

Involve More People

While studying alone works for some, others may benefit from doing their reviews with students in the same class. Involving more people allows you to reflect on the material shared between you and your peers. You can also get help from others if you get stuck and vice versa. With Google Meet and Zoom, you can set up a virtual study group and maintain social distancing, while still collaborating to learn the necessary information.  

“I’ve studied by virtual class by calling some friends in classes I have and studying with them,” Wester said.