Spooky movies for Halloween

With Halloween just three weeks away, now is the time to embrace spooky, new movies. Netflix has a wide selection of horror movies and thrillers, including “Apostle,” “The Invitation” and “We Summon the Darkness.” 

“Apostle” is made for people looking for a twisted tale this Halloween. It follows a man who goes to a mysterious island after learning his sister is being held ransom by a cult. He realizes the darkness from the cult has infiltrated the surrounding areas after exploring the island. “Apostle” is described by Brian Tallerico from Robert-Ebert Blog as “meant to make you nervous” and a “must watch.”

Like “Apostle,” “The Invitation” is a perfect thriller for the season. It features a man who receives an invitation from his ex-wife to go to a party at her house. He arrives and begins feeling suspicious. As time passes, the tensions rise, and old wounds are reopened.

Another movie appropriate for Halloween is “We Summon the Darkness.” It’s a dark tale about three girls who attend a heavy metal concert. After the concert, the girls meet up with a couple of boys who they eventually drug after getting the boys to trust them. The girls’ plan to murder their new companions.

Sydney Chase, a Jupiter High sophomore, said she finds both the holiday of Halloween and the superstitions surrounding it intriguing, like having bad luck by walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror. 

On Halloween, Chase enjoys watching “Hocus Pocus,” a movie about three children who encounter three witches from the time of the Salem Witch Trials. These witches want to use the childrens’ youth to live longer themselves. 

Ashley Quinonez, a Jupiter High sophomore, enjoys scary movies during spooky season. She said she loves how each story “has their own kind of spark.” She also said she likes the music in horror films, as it “builds up tension” to make the movie more exciting.