Warriors of Jupiter: Shari Rodgers

Whether conducting a science experiment, taking a trip to a foreign country or simply walking into Jupiter High School, Shari Rodgers radiates positivity. Her focus as an educator is spreading knowledge, inspiring others and encouraging her students to be the best they can be.   

From the time Rodgers was a little girl, she knew teaching science was her calling. 

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I have always wanted to teach science. When I was six years old, I had a chalkboard in my basement and I used to go down there and teach classes,” Rodgers said. 

Rodgers has been an educator for 26 years, and her goal every year is for students to love science and to use it to understand the world around them.  

“I really want people to love science and not just understand it, but apply it to things they are seeing around them,” Rodgers said. “People understanding what’s happening is so important because we need the facts, and the only facts are what science tells us.” 

For Rodgers, she is most excited as a teacher when her students interact with science. 

“I love when students get to lead in science, but now I’m so inspired by students showing up every day that want to learn. It’s so great,” Rodgers said. 

Rodgers explained how she would usually be doing labs and collaborating with students; however, this school year, she has focused on new ways to keep students interactive and positive. 

“What students are having to do right now is very hard, so I try to jump around a little bit and make it fun so people can have an easier time, and pay attention which is what I hope for,” Rodgers said. 

Rodgers grew up by the water and has always had a genuine love for spending time outdoors.

“I know everybody in Jupiter says this, but I love to be out on the water. I love the beach,” Rodgers said. “I have always loved being outside, whether it’s scuba diving, swimming, hiking, riding my bike, or reading. They’re just things I enjoy.”

Aside from teaching science, traveling and being a tour consultant is one of Rodgers biggest hobbies. She has visited eight different countries and continents, but her trip to Australia sticks with her as the most memorable. 

“Australia was one of the most fun trips I have ever taken,” Rodgers said. “I can’t get enough of traveling. I just love it.”

Rodgers hopes to leave her mark on JHS by making students feel happy. She wants students to feel like school is not a burden, but an exciting place to be. 

“There seems to be an attitude that school is something you have to get through and just do every day, but really this is a place where you meet all your friends, where you build memories and who you are here,” Rodgers said. 

The best advice Rodgers has received is to be your own self guide and decide who you want to be, she hopes she can pass her wisdom to Jupiter High’s students.  

“If you feel a particular way, that’s on you to change and you have the power to do that, have the courage and the faith to ask for help and always keep a positive outlook,” Rodgers said. 

Sarah Guzick, a biology teacher at JHS, has known Rodgers for eight years and feels Rodgers is so inspirational, not only to other teachers, but to her students as well. 

“She’s the best teacher I have ever seen because she has a balance between authority and someone that kids really trust and live up to,” Guzick said. 

Guzick explained how Rodgers is always keeping students engaged despite teaching a complicated subject matter. 

“She is always reinventing and thinking of ways to improve, she makes it interesting and fun which is something that is hard to do,” Guzick said. “Her knowledge is amazing and she is super innovative.”

Marissa Marcoullier, a junior in Rodgers’s AP Biology class, appreciates Rodgers’ uplifting spirit in the classroom. 

“Her positive energy and the way she includes her students makes her a very energetic person to be around,” Marcoullier said. 

Marcoullier feels Rodgers is different from other teachers because she focuses on engaging everyone to make sure students feel comfortable with what they’re learning. 

“She goes through everything step-by-step, allowing us to ask questions, which makes us less pressured,” Marcoullier said. 

Marcoullier said the way Rodgers teaches makes it easier to retain the information.

“She even lets us stay after class and ask her questions to solidify everything, it makes it a lot easier,” Marcoullier said.