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Welcome back and Happy New Year Jupiter. Instead of your news (since we’re recording this before break) we have your  ANNUAL TECHSAFE Training. This program is designed to provide instruction for all students regarding technology and internet safety, cyberbullying awareness, and digital citizenship.

Today’s Required Lesson 1: Digital Footprint & Identity “Protecting Online Reputations” Asking Before Posting. How can you respect the privacy of others online?

Has anyone heard the term “sharenting”? What do you think it means? Sharenting is when parents or caregivers post excessive or sensitive details about children’s lives online, usually through photos and comments on social media. 

Posting online about your children is something many parents do, and has a lot of benefits. However, there is some debate about the potential consequences it can have. Watch this short video that presents the different sides of the debate. And be ready to discuss What are the upsides and downsides to sharing posts, photos, and videos of children online?  

So What are the upsides and downsides to sharing posts, photos, and videos of children online?

Put a thumbs up for an upside or a thumbs down for a downside

  • Some kids like having their pictures on the internet; it makes them feel famous.
  • It enables advertisers to start building profiles for targeted advertising.
  • It starts a permanent digital footprint that can reflect negatively on them later.
  • It can be a creative outlet for parents or caregivers and preserve important memories.
  • It allows important moments in a child’s life to be shared with family and friends.
  • Children may not like or may feel embarrassed or scared about what’s been shared when they get older.

This debate does not just apply to parents and caregivers. It applies to everyone, because anytime you post a photo that includes someone else, or you tag someone in a post, you’re adding to that person’s digital footprint. A digital footprint is all the information online about a person, either posted by that person or others, intentionally or unintentionally. 

Your digital footprint is important because it affects your digital reputation, which is what people think about you based on what they see online (social media, public information, photos, etc.). This can be difficult to manage, because it is not totally in your control. Even things that you delete or remove can still have been captured in a screenshot, downloaded, or saved by others. It also includes things that others may have posted about you, or that you’re tagged in.

Family Tips: https://www.commonsense.org/education/sites/default/files/grades_6-12_family_tips-digital_footprint_identity-english.pdf

9th Grade TechSafe Lesson: https://sites.google.com/palmbeachschools.org/techsafe/grade-level-lesson-plans-for-the-techsafe-curriculum/new-9th-grade-lessons

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elizabeth Caridi, Emily Jacox, Christopher Law, Jagger Pentney, Matthew Sieron, Joshua Soto!