“Justice League: Justice is Gray” is on HBO Max


The moment DC comics fans have been waiting for has arrived. The Snyder Cut, “Justice League: Justice is Gray,” released on HBO Max on March 18 and is featured in black-and-white. 

“Justice League” was first released in 2016. Zach Snyder was the original director, but he was replaced by Joss Whedon. According to the New York Times, Snyder left production after the death of his daughter. The version directed by Snyder has become known as the “Snyder Cut.” 

“I loved the fact that they evolved each new character and revamped the storyline with more information and detail,” Torin Buonocore, Jupiter High senior, said. 

The movie follows the plot of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince pulling together a team of “metahumans” to protect the Earth from a new face of danger. Together, they try to defend Earth from the assault of antagonists Steppenwolf and Darkseid. 

This new version has a much longer run time, clocking in at four hours and two minutes. The longer run time has allowed more room for scenes that were cut from the 2016 version. 

The unseen footage has changed the storyline, adding more screen time for characters like Cyborg and Lois Lane. It also includes scenes of characters that were not in the original, like the Joker, Iris West and Victor Stone’s mother. 

One of the differences in the “Snyder Cut” is that Superman has now adorned black attire, as opposed to his normal red and blue suit. Another difference is Darkseid makes an appearance in this movie, as opposed to the theatrical version released in 2016. 

According to the Washington Post, Darkseid is the “Thanos of the DC universe,” and is who fans were most looking forward to but missed in 2016. While Darkseid is featured in the movie as the main antagonist, there is no cataclysmic battle between him and the Justice League. 

“[One scene I liked was] the end fight scene because the heroes technically lost, but due to one change with a character they win,” Buonocore said. 

One of the biggest moments in the movie is when Barry Allen, also known as “The Flash,” has to move faster than the speed of light to slow down time in order to reverse the destruction created by the enemy. Viewers are thrilled over this new development, and it has created a buzz in the fan base. 

“Justice League: Justice is Gray” received a 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but there are mixed reviews from critics. The New York Times claims there is “not enough connective tissue,” whereas the Vulture claims it is a “passionate and moving work.” 

However, 95% of Google Users like the movie, with an overall rating of 4.8 on the five star scale. One user called the movie a “masterpiece.” 

“The new version is 100% better and overall was a great…movie. I’d definitely watch it again,” Buonocore said.