Class dues help fund academic experience


Jupiter High’s class sponsors strongly encourage students to pay their class dues each year they attend the school. Not only do the funds enhance the quality of many school functions but also ensure students aren’t paying the bulk of their dues for senior activities all at one time.

Each year, class dues are $50. Students can pay their dues at any time online at, or in cash or check to their class sponsor.

 “Students can get their class shirt if they pay their dues in person or if they show [their] class sponsor their [online paid] receipt,” Christine Podlesnick, freshman class sponsor, said.

Class dues fund prom, senior week activities, grad bash and the graduation ceremony. 

“[Students] don’t have to pay class dues to graduate, but they are strongly suggested because we wouldn’t have a lot of the [school] activities without them,” John Day, senior class sponsor, said.

Students who pay their dues will get a discount on prom tickets, won’t have to pay for cap and gown rental and won’t have to pay to participate in senior week.

“If you bought them all at once, it will add to more than $200 if you participated in school activities,” Janine Jeffs, senior class sponsor, said.

Lillian Gilbert, sophomore class sponsor, recommends paying class dues at the beginning of each year.

“Class sponsors have to divvy it up by year to make it easier [to pay], but if you wait until the last minute it’s going to be $200 all at once,” Gilbert said.

For more guidance, contact your class sponsor: Christine Podlesnik and Diann Spencer, freshman class sponsors; Scott Ciliento and Lillian Gilbert, sophomore class sponsors; Brian Kovachik, junior class sponsor; and Janine Jeffs and John Day, senior class sponsors.