Jupiter students defeat teachers in kickball

In a highly-anticipated game of kickball meant to boost school spirit, the student team beat out the teacher team on Dec. 3 at Jupiter High’s softball field.

The school’s Student Government Association hosted the kickball game, for the first time in over 10 years. Quin Fitzgerald, senior, captained the student team, and Chad King, science teacher, captained the teacher team. 

“It was a great team effort,” Andrew Todd, sophomore, said. “I’m glad that we could put up some runs in the later innings and get a good team win.”

The teachers had the lead at the beginning of the game, with six runs to the student team’s four runs, but fell behind after the students gained four runs in the sixth inning.

“We ran out of steam. I have to give hats off to them,” Patricia Icart, environmental science teacher, said.

Fitzgerald put up an effort to lead his team.

“It really ended up being a massacre [for the teachers],” Fitzgerald said. “Young-ins are better than the old heads.”

Ryan Senecal, freshman, felt the tide of the game turn when the student team scored four runs. 

“The students came ready. When I got up there with the bases loaded, I came up clutch and drove everyone home,” Senecal said.

Fans of the teacher team were not thrilled about the game’s results.

“[The students are] cheaters, all of them,” Lillian Gilbert, AP English Language teacher, said.

Michael Hammett, history teacher, commented on the teachers’ loss. 

“We tried hard for our first year. We’ll redeem next year,” Hammett said.