Jupiter High wrestling team places 2nd at district match

The Jupiter High wrestling team was defeated by Wellington High School in the first round of regional duals on Jan. 13 at home. Three members of the varsity team won their matches.

The wrestling team were runner-ups at the district match on Jan. 5, qualifying them and the Palm Beach Gardens High School wrestling team as the top two teams at the meet.

“We have a very young team but they’re developing as they should. They’re doing a great job of giving it their all and trying to learn,” Ian Wolski, junior co-captain of the team, said.

Cash Ciliento, a sophomore wrestler, commented on the team’s improvements.

“If you don’t keep your feet moving, that’s called ‘your feet are stuck in the mud’. You’ll get taken down because you’re not moving your feet back enough,” Ciliento said. “That was just something that myself and a lot of our team had a problem with.” 

Xander Park, a senior on the wrestling team, explained his technique.

“You want to keep your hands low when you know somebody is trying to attack your legs to defend them. It’s the biggest defense if somebody is trying to take a shot on you,” Park said.

Jupiter High’s wrestling style contrasted from the other teams at regionals.

“A lot of coaches teach different types of moves. Coach Hans really likes us to shoot the high crotch, circle back and snap down. Each coach works on their own set of moves with their kids and it brings a lot of diversity to wrestling,” Ryan Preisendorf, senior team captain, said.  

Wolski was one of three wrestlers to win a match. 

“When Wolski [began to gain the upper hand in the match] everybody got up and they were screaming towards the end of the match. As our heavier weights were winning everybody was pretty hyped up, which really changed the atmosphere,” Ciliento said.

The Jupiter High wrestlers commented on the qualities of wrestling that make a difference in a match.

“Weight makes a decent difference, but it’s mostly strength that gives you everything. Being able to control the match by your movements and your strength is what leads you to win.” Wolski said.

Preisendorf explained his approach to wrestling as focusing on his techniques, strength and athleticism.

“There are three main things about wrestling that matter in the match, technique is the biggest thing in wrestling. Strength and weight are in addition to your technique. Then the third part of being a great wrestler is you have to be athletic. As long as you have those three, you’re a good wrestler,” Preisendorf said.