Celebrating fall in the Florida heat


Mia Risolia

The local Jupiter pumpkin patch, Pumpkin Towne.

It’s finally that time of the year when sweaters make their way from the back of closets and everything’s pumpkin-spiced flavored. With Florida’s high temperatures and lack of a colder fall season, people make sure they take advantage of the delicious traditional fall foods and activities. 

Kimberly Misewich, an English teacher at Jupiter High, was born in Philadelphia, and since moving to Jupiter, she has noticed how much she misses the Fall weather of the northeast. Regardless, she has made an effort to partake in fall traditions in Jupiter.

“I like to go to fresh markets and I often find things that I remember from the Northeast like apple cider, donuts, pumpkins and fall decor,” Misewich said. 

Being a photographer, Misewich explained how she tries to capture the essence of the season through pictures. 

“I try to find the nuances of fall not necessarily in the leaf colors,” Misewich said. “What I love about the fall year is the sunrises and sunsets because we don’t have the colors [of fall] in the trees, but we have the colors in the sky.”

Though she misses the festive activities she would partake in up North, such as apple picking and visiting the local farm every autumn, Misewich has taken up new seasonal pastimes like going to pumpkin patches and cooking warm food.

“Soups [and muffins] are fun to make in the fall,” Misewich said.  

Holly Milsom, sophomore, is also excited about the fall season and looks forward to participating in her family’s traditions.

“I always make dinner with my dad. We have always cooked together for thanksgiving,” Milsom said. 

Many people enjoy going to pumpkin patches and cooking warm fall treats. Janine Jeffs, English teacher at Jupiter High, finds that these festivities play a large role in how she celebrates the season.

“I buy a cinnamon broomstick on October first every year and I have a playlist for October,” Jeffs said. 

Food also has a huge impact on most people’s idea of fall, especially with well-known and popular flavors. 

 “I do apple bread, apple cheese bread and apple cinnamon desserts,” Jeffs said.  

While the fall season brings many trends, Jupiter High students are obsessed with fashion trends, as sweaters and Uggs becoming everyday wear for some. Gabriella Palomba, sophomore, claims that though it may be impractical at times to wear a hoodie and boots in Florida, fall is the one time of the year when she can make an exception. 

“I really love the fall trends. I like to be able to wear a sweatshirt when it’s cold without being really hot,” Palomba said. 

Raymond Column, sophomore and school news anchor, finds time with his family in the fall season important to him. 

“I just value the quality time we have together because during the summer we travel a lot but during the fall we like to stay home and just do stuff together and use the time we have together,” Column said.

The Column family partakes in fun traditions yearly to make the season fun and family orientated. 

“Every year on Halloween we go to Universal for my sister to trick or treat there,” Column said.

Another tradition the Column family loves to do is to take advantage of the nice weather and time they get to spend together by visiting the pumpkin patch. 

“We all just look around for a pumpkin and we carve them and line them up on the front porch and take a family picture in front of them.” 

Overall, make sure to enjoy this season and the joy it brings. Starting with the cooler weather to fun fashion trends and delicious warm dinners and baked goods, this is the time to set goals for the new year and be in company with your loved ones.