Groovy fashion trends making a comeback


Cardinal Newman student fashionably wears 70's inspired, color-tinted sunglasses. Photo by Lilly Grella

Avocado green, burnt orange and mustard yellow—these colors are back in style and easily bring to mind beloved seventies fashion.

From bellbottoms to platform shoes, the seventies was a unique era for threads, and trends set then have not entirely disappeared. Making a comeback in the nineties, clothes from the seventies have stuck around in popular culture to this day.

Senior Hannah Stepanek is one such person bringing back the seventies. “I definitely try to incorporate some of it into my style. I feel like it’s more than style, though. People are actually starting to find their own sense of fashion and wear what they want. It’s so great,” she said.

The notorious bellbottoms of days past can be seen in the halls adapted into palazzo pants. These pants flare out at the bottom, and take a modern spin by being made of materials other than denim.

The seventies can also be seen in the flowy blouses, whether floral patterns or with a twist tie in the front.

Birkenstocks have made a comeback as well; one would be hard-pressed not to find a pair of the retro sandals in a crowd of people.

Graphic retro t-shirts are also seeing the light of day again, with faded fitted tees donning slogans of California, summer of ’77 or bands displayed proudly across shirts everywhere.

Junior Lilly Grella said, “I love seventies fashion. It’s part of my fashion sense. Music is a big part of my life so expressing that period of time inspires me because it makes me feel connected to the past.”

In addition, the seventies have been coming back in the way of glasses. Big-lensed and colorfully tinted glasses, which once had their heyday in the mid-1900s, have come back in the fashion of today.