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The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

JHS Mental Health Awareness club works with Annie’s Choice

Addison Gload
Club members posing on campus at Jupiter High School.

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, Jupiter High School’s Mental Health Awareness Club (MHA) partnered with Annie’s Choice to host an event called Paint an Anchor.

“Painting an anchor is supposed to be your emotional anchor or something that keeps you grounded instead of your emotions spiraling out of control, because emotions can be overwhelming,” Daisy Nolf, senior and head of marketing for MHA, said.

Annie’s Choice is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping teens overcome mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. They also help with suicide prevention and assist others in getting through their difficulties.

“Last year they raised money for a scholarship to send a student who had severe mental health issues for college and help pay for that,” Nolf said. “When you have mental health issues it can get expensive with treatments.”

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Paint an Anchor is one of the many events MHA takes part in. Just like the scholarship Annie’s Choice raised money for, it has shown in recent years that many other donors are also raising money for scholarships for kids that have anxiety, depression and face other psychological illnesses.

Anchors are supposed to help someone feel grounded or centered, it can be a memory, an activity, a place or just something that allows people to gain control of their emotions again. 

“We as the mental health awareness club we like to try to have events that are kind of a stress relief, things that remind people to prioritize their mental health and we thought that this fit right in for people when things get stressful,” Sarah Guzick, science teacher and administrator for the MHA club, said. 

While using an anchor won’t make mental disorders disappear, they can improve focus and mindfulness. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among people 15-29 years old. Annie’s Choice works diligently to lower this number.

“I think the more information that’s out there, the more students, and anyone really, has access to help, because suffering with mental illness is not something that has to happen. There is help out there,” Guzick said.

Teens are the highest leading number for experiencing or developing a mental illness. According to WHO, one in seven adolescents ranging from 10-19 years of age have experienced mental illnesses though many of these cases are not treated and sometimes unrecognized. Making sure that adolescents have access to mental health care is crucial in their years into adulthood. 

MHA and Annie’s Choice began working together this year and have been using multiple techniques to help adolescents have more outlets and opportunities to learn they are not alone. This idea was the motivation behind starting the club at JHS.

“Sabrina Cohen and Ruhani Dashmesh came to me a couple years ago and they wanted to [start the club] because they said they felt like there wasn’t a ton of student-led outreach about mental health,” Guzick said.

MHA has given students a chance to be around others who either want to help them or are going through the same thing. It has become crucial for communication to happen in order to start treating people who deal with mental health issues.

“Spreading awareness about it [mental illnesses] and making a club where people can get together who have mental health issues, it creates a sense of community where you’re not alone,” Nolf said.

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Mackenzie Shultz, Staffer
Mackenzie Shultz, freshman, is a staffer on War Cry. Born in Colorado, Shultz moved to Fla. in second grade and has spent most of her life in Jupiter, where she has grown to love being in nature, whether it be paddleboarding, rock climbing or skateboarding. Shultz enjoys writing in her free time. “I’ve always been a really big fan of writing,” Shultz said. She writes fantasy and short stories, and even original songs sometimes. “It’s kind of always been an escape from reality for me, putting myself in different character’s shoes and writing about faraway places and stuff has always helped me,” Shultz said. Even though she loves writing, she has never been in a writing or journalism class and is excited to learn how to write in a new style and meet new people.
Addison Gload, Media Manager and School News Editor
Addison Gload, junior, is the Media Manager and School News Editor for the Jupiter War Cry, having joined her sophomore year. Gload is always looking for new information to share with her peers; she enjoys being able to make school news known and sharing the ins and outs of what is happening. As a Fla. native, Gload takes part in clubs and leadership positions such as, Historian of Student Government Association and Parliamentarian of the Class of 2025 and now as a manager and editor in War Cry. “I like the class dynamic. [The staff] is really nice and sweet and helpful,” Gload said. “I also like being able to write and being on the website and being proud of what I put out and have other people be able to read it and learn from it.” Gload enjoys pursuing her passion for photography and being able to catalog wonderful memories through pictures. “I kind of started more in ninth grade when I took Media Studies, and they taught us how to photograph and then I’ve just been doing it on my own a little but I found that it's really fun to take really pretty pictures and seeing it again in the end,” Gload said.

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