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The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

Opinion: Easter-style prom dresses need to go

Provided by Emily McGrail
Prom dresses worn by Jupiter High students for the 2023 prom.

The internet is constantly coming up with new fashion trends and as many high schools enter prom season, TikTok users are debating on what style of prom dress is better. This debate is between the traditional sequined A-line dress or the newly emerged “Easter dress” which has a flowy, spring-like style. 

In the 1980s, big, puffy sleeves were the trend, in the 1990s, off-the-shoulder dresses were the most popular and in the 2000s, shawls were the highlight of the prom ensemble. Now, the two most popular worn prom dresses seem to be the classic A-line dresses with a sparkly element and the flowy pastel-colored dresses. The contrast in these two styles of prom dresses has created a social media debate. For an event like prom, a flowy light-colored dress doesn’t make as much of a statement as a classic sequined dress with an A-line bodice that highlights the waist and the bust.

“I really love the A-line dresses,” Lindsey Morell, senior, said. “They are so flattering and I feel so confident wearing it.”

Some favor the ball gown-inspired dresses for prom which have a form-fitting bodice but the dress has a full skirt starting around the waist. This kind of style is a flattering alternative for those who may not be a fan of the classic A-line style but is still appropriate for prom.

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Many of the classic prom styles like the A-line, ball gown and strapless dresses are starting to be replaced with the “Easter dress.” These traditional prom dress styles are timeless and shouldn’t be replaced with a dress meant for brunch at the country club. 

Easter dresses are traditionally floral printed with colors such as pink, yellow, blue, white and sage green. These dresses are long and flowy which has a more casual silhouette than the traditional prom dresses. Prom is such a memorable event for high schoolers and the dress one chooses should match the significance of the occasion

“People who wear Easter dresses are just trying to be different,” Morell said. “Just wear a [traditional] prom dress like everyone else.”

Fans of the “Easter dress” point out that prom shouldn’t require a fancy dress or a select style of dress that one is supposed to wear. Prom is the time to embrace your personal style even if it doesn’t align with the trends. 

“Easter dresses can be so pretty, it just depends on the vibe of the person,” Kate Butters, junior, said. “They are much cheaper and still so pretty.”

While Easter dresses are simply a trend, and with social media embracing the maximalism culture, trends are constantly going in and out of style. Although Easter dresses can be more comfortable and cost-efficient, this style of dress should be reserved for a fancy brunch or Easter itself. I don’t see this prom trend having longevity. The classic prom dresses are here to stay.



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