Acai 101: Local places to grab an acai bowl

The Candied Apple acai bowl from Rock Steady.

Olivia Servideo

The Candied Apple acai bowl from Rock Steady.

Acai is a berry that grows on palm trees from the Amazon rainforest in Central and South America. It can’t be bought in its true form in the U.S.; therefore, it’s picked, frozen and sent to the U.S.

Acai bowls are not only trendy but also healthy. Acai berries are high in fiber and antioxidants, and are known to help balance cholesterol levels.

The bad news? Acai bowls can be high in sugar and sodium content.

Whether you eat healthy or not, acai bowls are a treat anyone can enjoy, and definitely a healthier option than ice cream.

Have a healthier bowl at Rock Steady

Location: 201 North U.S. 1 C5B

Cost: $10-12

5 Stars

“Health truly is the greatest wealth” is the motto at Rock Steady. From the acai to the toppings, Rock Steady uses all organic ingredients in their bowls. This sets Rock Steady apart from spots that use pre-made acai bowls. I highly recommend “The Candied Apple” acai bowl with almond butter at Rock Steady.

Enjoy every spoonful at Raw Juice

Location: 2616 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens

Cost: $11-13

5 Stars

Raw Juice supports its community by providing all organic ingredients. Different from the common acai bowl blended with acai and almond milk, Raw Juice blends all their bowls with banana and mango for a creamy texture. The acai to toppings ratio is larger than places like 3 Natives and Rock Steady, so if you enjoy the acai part of the bowl, try out Raw Juice. It now has locations in Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Miami Beach, Aventura, Coral Gables and Miami.

Lick your bowl clean at 3 Natives

Location: 4601 Military Trail #107

Cost: $8-10

3 Stars

3 Natives is a well-known go-to spot for acai bowls in Palm Beach County. They use organic and fair trade Sambazon acai. Unlike other places, the acai is frozen rather than made fresh upon order. They are then topped with fruits, nut butters or honey.

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Modern Juice

Location: 287 E Indiantown Rd B10-A

Cost: $8-10

3 Stars

Looking for better nutrition in today’s world? Try out Modern Juice. Like others, Modern Juice’s bowls are made with organic ingredients, including apple juice. The bowls are similar to 3 Natives, but they are made to order. Modern Juice’s prices are reasonable, and sizes are small enough to eat on the go. Modern juice is conveniently located on Indiantown Rd. near the highway.