Jupiter High’s homecoming week dress-up days

JHS Yearbook Staff
Seniors dressed as senior citizens on generation day of homecoming week 2017.

Jupiter High’s homecoming week begins Oct. 15 with four, fun dress-up days. Here are some ideas to enhance your wardrobe and to make the most of homecoming.

Oct. 15 – Class Color Day

Show your school spirit by wearing your class color. Freshmen wear white, sophomores wear yellow, juniors wear green and seniors wear black. Everyone has these colors in their closet; if not, Walmart has inexpensive t-shirts, as does T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. By wearing your class color, you’re all set to cheer for the spirit stick at the homecoming pep rally during second period.

Oct. 16 – Meme Day

Memes are pictures or short video clips, typically accompanied by funny captions, common on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Popular memes include “Hide Your Kids, Hide Yo Wife” and “Salt Bae.” If no memes are inspiring you to dress up, you can be a character from a comedy, movie or television show.

Oct. 17 – Game of Life (Generation Day)

On this day, students will represent different “generations.” Freshmen dress as preschoolers, wearing comfy clothes like pajamas with feet and onesies, complete with pig tails and stuffed animals. Sophomores dress as elementary school students, wearing school-like uniforms with Polo shirts and khakis. You can level up the uniform with a safety patrol belt, small backpack or lunch box. Juniors dress as young adults and the working class, with a variety of outfit ideas like business attire, lifeguard-labeled clothing, scrubs or a retail store uniform. Seniors dress as senior citizens, wearing fuzzy socks with slides, robes and hair rollers. Walkers and canes complete the look, and you can even hand out mints or cookies to truly get into character.

Oct. 18 – Jumanji (Tacky Tourist Day)

Tacky tourist day is perhaps the easiest dress-up day of the week, since we see tacky tourists quite often in Jupiter. Pair a floral, button-down shirt with long, khaki shorts. Add a floppy hat, white socks with sandals, a camera and some binoculars, and you are officially a tacky tourist. You can even put white sunscreen on your nose (white face paint works best), and carry around a giant map to enhance your tackiness. Students also wear Disney shirts and Mickey Mouse ears. Stores like Target and Walmart have a variety of tacky clothing pieces to complete your look.

Oct. 19 – No school (Teacher Work Day)