Student Government Association Adviser Jeanmarie McCann retires after 34 years at Jupiter High


Ericka Muncy

McCann poses with her Student Government Association students.

Jeanmarie McCann has been teaching at Jupiter High since 1988. When she first began teaching after graduating from Penn State, Jupiter High was still on the old campus, had far fewer students and a lot of spirit.

“My first years of teaching were great. Everyone knew each other; young teachers and veteran teachers worked together and developed lifelong relationships. We had a lot of fun on campus., For example, [we had] teacher … and student competitions, where everyone participated, super spirited pep rallies, homecoming dances that would sell over 1000 tickets every year,” McCann said.

McCann has witnessed the transition of Jupiter High to a brand new campus with over 3,000 students, and with it, the growth of a strong Student Government Association that she pioneered. She inspires and impacts her SGA students’ lives in numerous ways and will miss them dearly when she retires.

“[What I will miss most about being an SGA adviser] is the great working relationship I develop with my SGA officers and representatives. We are truly a ‘family’ more so than any other class I have ever taught. Also, being able to witness my leadership students grow into successful role models and leaders to their peers over the years,” McCann said.

McCann has helped plan hundreds of homecomings, school spirit events and pep rallies over the last 34 years as an SGA Adviser, and her program is recognized as one of the top in the state of Fla.

“[The events] take a lot of hard work, but result in a lot of fun and excitement! These are the events that create amazing memories for all of our students,” she said.

According to McCann, her greatest accomplishment was being nominated by her students and a board of advisers to receive the Florida Association of Student Councils Advisor of the Year Award in 2006.

“This was a huge honor. Out of all the middle school and high school SGA advisors in the state, I was selected. What made it even more special is that my SGA students nominated me without me knowing it, so it was a total surprise when they announced at our convention that year that I had won,” McCann said.

Along with Student Government, McCann has been a beloved World History teacher.

“Due to testing, history has been ‘pushed’ to the bottom of the priority list in our county’s curriculum. We are starting to see the results of what happens when people are never taught or do not understand history,” McCann said.

During her retirement, McCann plans on living her life to the fullest.

“To steal a quote from a famous leader…I plan on ‘Going out into the world and doing well, but more importantly going out into the world and doing good,” McCann said.