Media Center remodeling brings Jupiter High School into the Digital Age


Christina Paraschiv

The floor plan outlining the new media center.

The media center is set to reopen in early Oct. after undergoing a complete remodel.

The goal of the new construction is to hold more students and to offer a larger, more comfortable spot to hang out and learn.

Patti Potts, a media specialist at JHS, showed the new floor plan to staff and hopes to see more students take advantage of what the media center has to offer.

“It will have more seating areas for students, as well as a classroom set up,” Potts said.

The new floor plan replaces tables and computers with eight different sections and includes ways to encourage student involvement.

“We wanted to feature artwork on the walls, and are going to place TV’s to display students’ digital artwork,” Potts said.

Due to the rise of the digital age, physical books will not play a huge role in the remodeling; however, students can still access physical books on shelves and counter tops in the middle of the media center.

“I don’t like it. It bothers me. I like the touch and smell of physical books,” John Day, an AP Literature and Composition teacher, said.

Even though books will not be the focus of the media center, it will feature a lecture area with stadium-like seating, stand up computers for quick work, high top tables and cooperative tables with monitors to help students thrive in the digital age.

“It seems to really open up the space and have different options for classes,” junior Bianca Stribling said.

Students can use the media center any time to enjoy the new, more comfortable environment.