Jupiter High’s first pep rally of the school year

Much to the delight of students and staff, the school’s first pep rally was held on Sept. 18 in the gym during second period. Attendees cheered on their favorite fall sports’ teams and were treated to performances by cheerleaders and band.

Students had to have a writstband to enter; free wristbands were distributed during lunch Sept. 13 through Sept. 17. To get a wristband, you had to show your school ID and not be on the obligations’ list.

Michael Deleonardo has been the announcer for school pep rallies for over 20 years, but this pep rally was the first with Deleonardo as the Student Government Association Adviser.

“I enjoy being there for them [SGA] if they have any questions or need advice, but, really, they oversee the whole process of putting it together. And I’m really proud of what they’re doing,” Deleonardo said.

Even though Deleonardo oversees SGA, senior Emily Evans, as the chair of the Spirit Committee, is in charge of organizing and carrying out the pep rallies. She, along with the six others on her committee, are responsible for everything that goes into a pep rally, from wristbands to games to recognizing the sports teams.

“He’s an awesome Adviser. He’s really fun to work with. He’s teaching and learning at the same time,” Evans said.