Fall varsity sports captains for 2020 school year


Kylie Ilhardt

Collage of the 2020 varsity fall sports captains

Another school year means another round of Fall sports. This season has a new set of varsity captains. In high schools, captains are often thought to be the best athlete in that sport; however, at Jupiter High School, captains are often chosen by dedication, compassion,hard work and team leadership.

The 2019 varsity football captain is senior Johnathan Mosley.
“It takes a lot of work to be captain on and off the field. You have to stay later after practices to communicate with your coach and be able to communicate with the players. I have to be a leader on the team to motivate us to keep pushing through all four quarters of the game, whether we are winning or not,” Mosley said.

Boys swim and dive captain is senior Josh Curtis.
“I have a lot of responsibilities as captain of the swim team and it requires leadership and providing a good example for my teammates,” Curtis said. “I try to give them a pep talk and be encouraging. I love supporting the other swimmers because I would want them to do the same for me.”

Girls swim and dive captain is senior Eva Miklos.
“Being captain means bringing everyone together and giving all the swimmers a boost of extra confidence of support. I have been swimming since I was six years old and to finally be at the top means the world. I wanted to be able to help the new swimmers and show them what the Jup swim team is all about,” Miklos said.

The girls golf captains are seniors, and twins, Alle Galla and Izzy Galla.
“Even though golf is an individual sport, we all come together to make up a team. We work together to inspire each other in order to do great,” Alle Galla said.
“To be captain of the golf team with my sister allows us to help the team twice as much. We love playing our favorite sport and meeting new people on the team every year,” Izzy Galla said.

Boys golf team captain is Wade Morley.
“There are pros and cons of playing an individual sport such as golf. A pro of playing for Jupiter is I get to practice and train with my friends and also people who have the same drive and motivation to play. Being captain allows for me to help others and be there when my teammates need me,” Morley said.

Girls volleyball captain is senior Chloe Jezerinac.
“The volleyball games are more exciting when we have a crowd and fans cheering us on. The crowd gets us hyped up and allows us to keep making different plays in order to get the points to win the game,” Jezerinac said. “Before every game, we do a team huddle and one person shouts out a word and then we all shout it out and it goes around so we know as a team we have each others backs.”

Boys cross-country captain is senior Tobias Landwher.
“Being captain is a privilege and not guaranteed and allows myself to be held at a higher expectation. I am responsible for setting a good example for the other runners. We all enjoy going to the meets and being able to race other runners from our rival schools,” Landwher said.

Girls cross country captain is Alexandra Del Rae.
“I think it takes a lot of good qualities to be captain of any sport. When my team chose me, it means they think I have the qualities to be a captain and I want to give back to my teammates and allow them to be captain,” Del Rae said.

This year’s girls bowling captain is Gabby Venanzi.
“To be a team captain of any sport really takes a lot of time and dedication,” Venanzi said. “The best part of being captain of the girls bowling team is being able to see and help my friends during tournaments. Being captain also allows me to be a leader because my team can come to me if they ever need help on and off the alley.”

Boys bowling captain is Caden Coffey.
“The best part about being captain of the bowling team is such a fulfilling experience because I love bowling, competing, and most importantly bowling with my peers. Bowling is individual but we all train together and help each other in each others weak spots, in order to make each other the best players we can be,” Coffey said.