The popular TV show “Friends” celebrates 25 years


A mug displaying the fictional coffee shop “Central Perk,” where a lot of “Friends” took place

“Friends,” the beloved show about six friends living in Manhattan, first aired on Sept. 22, 1994 and ended its run in May 2004.

“I grew up with the show ‘Friends,’ and it’s crazy that it has already been 25 years,” Global Perspectives teacher Rebecca Hansen said.

“Friends” has been on Netflix for five years, allowing younger generations to appreciate the show years after it went off the air.

“The show is very organic, and I think that the show becoming a part of the new generation definitely helps kids accept each individual for who they really are,” Hansen said.

Even though people from the new generation were not born when the show was first aired, the show is still loved today.

“I may have not been born, but I feel like I’ve been watching it for 25 years. And I love that it’s spread to my generation because now I get to watch and enjoy it,” senior Piper Hope said.

“Friends” is hugely popular with audiences because it is a show that not only makes people laugh but also feel like the characters are their own friends.

“It’s so entertaining and hilarious, even when I’m just bored or not doing much, I turn it on as a background noise,” Hope said.

The portrayal of the characters’ problems is both heartfelt and accurate, as the show follows what it’s like to be in your mid-twenties living in New York City.

“The show is so relatable, and I even have friends that are kind of like each one of the characters,” junior KC Barnes said.

Several local theaters are celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary by showing episodes on the big screen. People who are “Friends” fanatics loved the idea of this.

“I went to one of the ‘Friends’ nights at the movie theater, and when the theme song came on, everyone sang and clapped along with the song and when a popular line came up, everyone said the line,” senior Kylie Ilhardt said.

Unfortunately for “Friends” fans who watch the show on Netflix, “Friends” is being taken off Netflix at the end of 2019.

“Although ‘Friends’ is being taken off Netflix, the laughs and smiles ‘Friends’ gave me will stick with me forever,” senior Kassi Fishbaugh said.