Palm Beach County schools no longer offer free flu shot


Kaysa Flemk-Joli

Junior Kaysa Flemk-Joli practices at her fire medic training program.

Jupiter High School is no longer offering free flu shots to students. 

With flu season quickly approaching, doctors are encouraging people to protect themselves by getting a flu vaccine. This means parents need to find new ways to vaccinate their children.

“Flu vaccines can be administered at a variety of places such as: private physician’s offices, walk-in clinics, pharmacies, health departments, by their employer (employee health division), and college/university’s health clinic. Parents can also contact their insurance provider to see where the vaccine is covered under their insurance plan,” The School District of Palm Beach County’s website said. 

Publix is offering a $10 gift card for getting a flu shot at their pharmacy, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS are also administering the vaccine. However, if you choose not to get the vaccine, you can prevent getting the flu by taking some precautionary measures. 

“[The most important measure to take is] handwashing, always wash your hands. You put your hands on your desktop, and you don’t know who sat their before you. They may have fallen asleep and drooled all over your desk. You are also more prone if you get sleep. You need rest and you need to eat a well balanced diet, and you need to keep yourself hydrated.” medical academy teacher Sharleen Scarafia said.