Joker breaks box office


Christina Paraschiv

Movie poster for “Joker” at the Cinepolis movie theater in Jupiter, Fla.

Warner Bros. “Joker” is breaking box office office records and has already made $938 million domestically, with a budget of only $55 million. Joaquin Phoenix’s adaptation of the infamous villain sparked controversy when it hit theaters on Oct. 4. 

Days leading up to the movies’ release, security was heightened, due to a shooting that happened in 2012 in Aurora, Colorado. During a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, a film featuring the Joker, the perpetrator set off tear gas bombs and opened fire at moviegoers. 

The movie highlights topics that some may be weary to; including an insight into mental health, and the embracement of murder and betrayal. Arthur Fleck, the man behind the makeup, is an isolated man bullied by society trying to find sense in connections with people. The movie tells the story most don’t know about- the beginning of his adult life and how his never ending whirlpool of failures led to his descent of the psychotic mad-mind we all know as the Joker. 

Multiple actors like Heath Ledger, Jared Leto and Jack Nicholson have all shared their roles of the not-so-comical clown. DC fans have shared their opinions through social media platforms like Reddit and Instagram where they have shared if Phoenix was a good fit for the DC verse. 

Director Tod Phillips tried to ease some of the controversy on the fictitious character. Phillips role for the joker is one of an antihero, an evil figure vigilant of a society he was nonetheless now praised for. 

“We’re making a movie about a fictional character in a fictional world, ultimately, and your hope is that people take it for what it is,” Phillips said. 

He has tried to push back the concept of the movie causing any real life violence, as the film brought up controversy about whether the film was suitable for people to see. 

The film tells the story most superhero characters wouldn’t want to hear: a story to feel bad for the villain.