Jupiter High’s former coach Chad Rollins goes to Dwyer for the 2020 season

Jupiter High loses beloved track coach Chad Rollins who is now coaching at Dwyer High School for the 2020 track season. 

After four years of working at Jupiter, Rollins decided to start fresh at Dwyer. 

Rollins has a background in track and field. He went to Bethune Cookman University, located in Daytona Beach, Fla. to run collegiately.

“The reason I left Jupiter High has nothing to do with the school, students or administrators. I just felt I needed some change in my life,” Rollins said.

Although he’s excited about the new opportunity at a different high school, he admitted he’ll miss Jupiter High a great deal.

“A friend of mine that coaches at Dwyer High informed me about a new coaching position that opened up. After a lot of thinking I decided I should take the opportunity,” he said. “I will definitely miss my athletes and all of the fun times we have shared together.”

Losing such a dedicated, encouraging mentor saddened many athletes on the Jupiter High track and field team. He’s known for his dedication and passion for the sport.

“Losing our sprinting coach was definitely hard on all of us,” said sophomore Lathen Zabriki. “I think it’s safe to say that everyone felt the same way I did when they found out he was leaving. We’re all going to miss him.” 

Junior Joe Wester, a 1600 and 800-meter school record holder, said, “I was sad to hear about Coach’s leave. I’ve known him for a long time, and he never fails to help others improve every day. He just has this enthusiasm that most coaches don’t.”

Junior Kaysa Flemk-Joli has known Rollins for four years and agreed that he was a positive influence on the Jupiter team.

“I’ve been very close to Coach since middle school. He cooled me down and hyped me up whenever I needed it. He was like a best friend to all of us,” Flemk-Joli said.

Flemk-Joli, one of the fastest runners in the track program, is a part of the record-setting four-by-one hundred meter’s team.

“Knowing my favorite coach was leaving Jupiter High was heartbreaking because he made us what we are today. He led our four-by-one hundred meter’s team to a school record,” senior Carley McCammon said. 

Not only did Rollins’s departure impact students but also his fellow coaches. 

“Coach Chad’s leave put a big hole in our coaching staff. He’s just so animated, and we all really appreciated that about him,” high jump and distance coach Helen Jefferson said. 

Rollins’s liveliness and experience will be missed, but the Warrior family wishes him all the best in his new coaching position.

“Jupiter will always be on my heart,” Rollins said.