Brooke Shainman secures second place in Full Sail tournament


Photo provided by Patti Potts

Brooke Shainman receiving her check after the tournament.

On Nov. 23, nine Jupiter High School students entered the Full Sail University gaming arena. “The Fortress” was decked out with spotlights, rows of gaming monitors, and finally, a giant stage that loomed over it all. These were the winners of the J.H.S. Techfest Qualifying Tournaments, who travelled by bus all the way to Orlando to compete in Full Sail University’s state-wide eSports Tournament.

Out of 176 players, Jupiter High Senior, Brooke Shainman, took second place, securing a silver trophy and a $5,000 scholarship. While some may take eSports for granted, securing the win was not an easy task.

“It’s a lot of mental game stuff. You have to be able to know your opponents playstyle in order to counter it,” said Shainman.

“I’ve got three kills up on this man, and he’s not bad, he knew what he was doing; but I see him. I see him switching to Charizard, right as I see the switch, he’s still in the air [and] I runoff stage and I’m like seeya.” For the Smash Brothers Ultimate illiterate out there, Brooke is describing outplaying an opponent and sending them off the battle stage, landing her yet another point.

As she progressed further through the tournament, her stress began to build. 

“There was 16 people left, and I was the only girl, and that’s when the nerves started to rack up. I was like okay, I’m kind of carrying the weight of all the women on my shoulders.” Shainman clearly did not let the pressure get to her, seeing that she cruised her way to the semi-finals, and eventually, second place.

Brooke Shainman has more than just epic gamer prowess. Around campus, she is known less for her gaming ability, and more for her artistic talent.

“I see her develop her art skills, and try new things, and constantly push herself,” said Brooke’s art teacher, Ms. K. “She’s constantly looking to get to the next level.”

Shainman has designed a multitude of art pieces at J.H.S, including numerous designs for DECA, the banner for last year’s homecoming parade, last year’s chorus logo, and most recently overseeing the production of Ms. K’s Minecraft-Themed holiday door.

“I’m kind of just free art labor for this school,” laughed Shainman. Connecting both worlds, Shainman even designed the jerseys the J.H.S. Smash Bros Players wore to the tournament.

Brooke’s younger brother, Sophomore, Ben Shainman, also competed in the tournament.

“We were all pretty proud of her because this was incredible, she played so well and we were all there supporting her,” said Ben.

“I used to play her back when the game first came out, she’s always been a great player she definitely deserved second if not first” said Junior, Nick Ponzoli, who placed nineteenth at the tournament. “There’s that team element throughout, and it was actually really special to see.”  

Brooke Shainman, and her second place win, is not only a shining example of the potential of school supported eSports, but also an example of a perserverent student who will always push herself to be the best she can be and better.