Athlete of the Week: Cameron Hanniford

During the week of October 21, Jupiter High School’s athlete of the week is senior Cameron Hanniford. Hanniford plays the role of leadership on the defensive line.

Hanniford has been playing football since he was three years old and has always had a passion for his adored sport..

“When I fell in love with football, I was very passionate about it and still am,” Hanniford said. “And it’s not just about the game or being on the field, it’s worth more than that.”

Hanniford has been working hard at football for years now. He was placed on the football team in his freshman year and since then has moved up to the Varsity team.

“It’s such an honor and it feels so good to be recognized for everything I’ve done because I have always felt like an Underdog,” Hanniford said.

Not only is Cameron able to balance out his social life, among his education and sports,  he also finds time for a job as well.  

“Making sure I have time for everything can be super tough, but It all works out in the end,” Hanniford said.

Hanniford hopes to attend the University of Central Florida to keep playing football there.