Make online learning a success


With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Palm Beach County School District closed its doors and canceled in-person classes on March 13. 

Jupiter High students, along with the rest of the county, began distance learning on March 31. Schools distributed laptops and Chromebooks, set up online classes through Google Classroom and provided tutorials for teachers, students and parents via the district website,

While online learning can be a bit of an adjustment, it can be successful. Here are some tips to make the transition a smooth one. 

Make Space

Set up a learning “space” in your home that is quiet, clear of clutter and away from family and pets. This will allow you to concentrate and not be distracted while trying to both interact virtually with your teacher and work on an assignment. Having a place dedicated to learning will eliminate potential opportunities to lose focus on a lesson.

Have Learning Tools Handy

It is critical to have all necessary tools for learning ready before the lesson begins. Headphones, computers, cell phones, calculators and any other tools needed to complete assignments should be easily accessible. Setting up all technology prior to learning will alleviate frustration when trying to log into Google Classroom and virtual meetings.  

Stay Active

Being a homebound learner can be challenging and takes some effort. To avoid frustration, set aside time for yourself to exercise or do mindful activities to relieve stress. If you can incorporate a daily walk or workout into your day, it will help free your mind to be ready for learning. Going outside for some fresh air, at a safe distance from others, is a helpful break from staring at a computer screen.

Be Patient

Technology does not always cooperate the way we’d like, and with so much digital learning, wifi service is strained. Be patient. If you have issues with the technology, reach out to your teacher. Keep the lines of communication open with your instructor, but if you don’t get an immediate response, stay calm. He or she will respond as soon as possible. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is active and still spreading in and around Palm Beach County. Jupiter High students will likely continue distance learning for the foreseeable future. To stay focused and calm, keep a positive attitude, add some small changes to your daily routine, and this difficult time could result in a successful learning time.