Jupiter High’s SGA honors class of 2020 with video


PHOTO PROVIDED BY Colleen Iannitti

Jupiter High School’s Student Government Association created a video montage starring JHS faculty and staff to honor graduating seniors. Teachers and staff each held up a sign with a word or phrase that together created a heartfelt message to the class of 2020.

“Several teachers were talking in a group chat one day about our seniors and everything they will miss this year as a result of the stay at home order. Mr. DeLeonardo then received an email from another school with a great idea,” AICE English teacher Melanie Jones said.

SGA sponsor Michael DeLeonardo reached out to JHS teachers and staff about participating in the video. He received dozens of positive emails about participating in the appreciation video as a way to spread the love to seniors.

“Nearly 80 of us responded that we would love to be a part of a tribute to our senior Warriors,” Jones said.

DeLeonardo, along with students in SGA have worked hard to keep up school spirit, even while social distancing and virtual schooling.

“This virus has stolen many opportunities for our seniors to bank lifelong memories of senior prom, graduation, yearbook signing and many more events and activities associated with ending this chapter of their lives” Jones said. “We are devastated that we won’t have the opportunity to share their final moments at JHS and that we won’t have the opportunity to say goodbye.”

The video was shared with seniors and all of the JHS family on April 27.