Girls volleyball dominates the competition

Jupiter High’s girls varsity volleyball team is undefeated with a 5-0 record, with four games left to play. Jupiter won against rivals Palm Beach Gardens, Dreyfoos and Dwyer High School in straight sets to continue their victorious path to the postseason.  

Because of COVID-19, fall sports were pushed back about six weeks, and regulations have been implemented to keep athletes safe. Some of these precautions include a reduced number of fans in the stands and the enforcement of masks during games.   

“The decision to wear masks while playing was accepted without question. If we have to yell a little louder and breathe a little harder to prolong our season, that’s what we’ll do,” Olivia Delaney, a senior player, said. 

Volleyball relies heavily on communication during games. With the mask enforcement, the girls have had to find new ways to communicate plays on the court, but their bond and positive energy has made it easier for them to push through. 

“My teammates always have good energy. There is never a bad attitude from anyone,” Devyn Glassgold, a junior player, said. “We all have such a good connection, and we are all so close in friendships.” 

The team is dedicated to staying optimistic and successful.

“I think some of us were surprised that we would be able to have a season at all, so we are trying to be positive and appreciate what we do have,” Delaney said. “We’ve made the most of the situation by learning to energize each other as a team. We definitely miss being cheered on by so many, but the quiet allows us to really focus on the game to get the win.”

In years past, girls volleyball games attracted a large crowd with a heavy One Tribe presence. Although student sections are now limited, the team continues to carry the energy and motivation they had in previous years into their current games.

“I miss having a crowd at our game so much. The crowds last year were always so amazing. I loved being able to have my friends come watch me play,” Amanda Dewitt, a senior player, said.  

Despite the diminished crowds, the girls are thankful to have a volleyball season and have made the best of the situation. 

“Always be grateful to be playing and try to stay as flexible as possible. We could have gone this year without a season,” Dewitt said. “Since there are so many new rules you have to be able to adjust for the good of everyone.”