Mask mandate continues in Palm Beach County schools

Even though Fla. has moved into phase three of the state governor’s plan to reopen, Palm Beach County’s mask mandate is still in effect and will remain in effect until the local state of emergency is lifted.

According to a study authored by Professor Victor Chernozhukov, a nationwide mask mandate in the U.S. could have reduced COVID-19 deaths by 40% among workers who regularly interact with the public. 

Lucie Bahadourian, a Jupiter High medical student, believes it’s a good idea to have a mask mandate.

“I believe wearing masks can be very useful as sneezing, coughing, or just accidentally spitting can easily eject bacterias and spread viruses,” Bahadourian said.

Wearing masks can be helpful in preventing airborne diseases, if they are worn properly. Masks provide protection if they cover both the nose and the mouth. 

As a medical student, Bahadourian learns about the proper way to wear a mask to prevent infection.

“The proper way to wear a mask is by covering your entire mouth and nose. The mask should also be thick enough so that the air cannot pass through,” Bahadourian said.

Kali Kraker, a Jupiter High medical student, agrees with Bahadourian on why wearing a mask is important to prevent the spread of any type of sickness spread by infectious droplets.

“I think even if the virus wasn’t happening, if people were sick they should still wear masks,” Kraker said.

Masks have been proven to be beneficial, but some issues arise as a result of mask wearing.

“The common issues of masks are not being able to breathe properly and inhaling back carbon dioxide increases blood pressure, not giving you enough oxygen,” Kraker said. “Another issue is masks are not being disposed properly and are causing more pollution.”

Although masks are not required in neighboring Martin County, some Jupiter High students and their families still choose to wear masks for protection.

“My family and I all wear masks, even when it is not mandatory. Protection is and should always be everyone’s number one priority,” Bahadourian said.