Warriors celebrate Winter Spirit Week


Kaysa Flemk-Joli

Winter decorations in Jupiter High School’s atrium for Winter Spirit Week.

In an effort to raise school spirit, Jupiter High’s Winter Spirit Week took place Dec. 14-18, prior to the holiday break. 

Jupiter’s Student Government Association promoted dress-up days for on-campus and virtual learners with winter themes like Pajama Day, Holiday Hat and Crazy Sock Day, Howdy Holiday Day, Ugly Sweater Day and Holiday Movie Character Day. 

SGA also decorated the atrium with hundreds of lights, snow-covered trees, an old-fashioned lamp and a wooden bench with a fuzzy blanket, in addition to hosting the annual door decorating contest.

“My favorite spirit day was Pajama Day because it was really comfortable to wear at school, and I liked to see everyone’s different designs and pants,” Melissa Mann, freshman, said. 

To kick off Winter Spirit Week, SGA distributed hot chocolate bags on Dec. 14 in the courtyard.

“SGA’s spirit committee made the bags over the course of a week and a half. We went to Walmart on the Friday that we had off and bought 200 of everything we would need to fill the bags,” Ellie Willis, sophomore SGA member, said. 

During a regular, COVID-free year, SGA would pass out actual hot chocolate during Winter Spirit Week, but, this year, that wasn’t an option.

“We gave up on the whole hot chocolate idea until Leah Perry came up with the genius idea of making the bags,” Willis said. 

The bags were filled with powdered hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and a candy cane.  

“I was thinking of ways to adapt the hot chocolate day and decided that hot chocolate kits would be a great way to adapt this to be safer,” Perry, junior, said.

Although they couldn’t hand out pre-made, liquid hot chocolate, this alternative option had positive feedback from students and staff. 

“Overall, I believe most of the students enjoyed it. And it definitely went better and more people came to get bags than I thought they would,” Jackson Wodraska, senior and SGA member, said.   

Students and staff agreed the hot chocolate bags looked great. 

“The hot chocolate bags were very cute and the candy cane was delicious,” Kylie Radi, freshman, said. 

SGA also held their annual door decorating contest. Participating classes decorated classroom doors with winter themes for a chance of winning a free breakfast as top prize.  

Ms. Ellis’s Medical Academy class took home first place for their creative and timely door decorations. The focus of the door was a “Stay Positive and Test Negative” banner. 

“The students love doing it, and it helps us all get a little more in the holiday spirit,” Ms. Ellis said. 

Other students and teachers participated in the contest as well. Jordan Ragsdale, a senior at JHS, had fun decorating AICE Art teacher Ms. Knudtson’s door. 

“I love expressing my creativity in school for the holidays,” Ragsdale said. 

Despite the limitations of the pandemic, SGA put together a week of festivities that students both on campus and at home could enjoy. The next spirit week will take place in the spring.