Jupiter cheer places second at states


Kaysa Flemk-Joli

Jupiter High cheer team huddles for a quick break during practice.

Jupiter High’s competitive cheer team is the 2021 2A Medium Varsity Runner Up. They competed against the top teams in the state on Jan. 23 in Lakeland, Fla. and came out with a second-place finish.

To make it to states, the squad competed in a regionals competition on Jan. 16 at Coral Glades High School. They put on a remarkable performance, distinguishing them from their head-to-head competition at districts at King’s Academy on Jan. 9.  

Considering it was difficult to get full preparation for the season because of COVID-19 concerns, the girls have been training diligently to reach their highest potential and reclaim their state championship title. They’ve taken time off the mat as well to improve themselves both physically and mentally to be ready for competition.

“I personally got private lessons for a skill that I was struggling with. I changed my eating habits and the amount of time I have to sleep every night. I even did epsom salt baths to relax the soreness in my muscles from practices we did over break,” Nina Torres, sophomore cheerleader, said. 

Torres understood that working on herself ultimately contributed to the success of the team.

Usually, the girls participate in team-bonding activities outside of the gym. However, these events were cancelled to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

“It’s important for all of us to trust one another because we need to work together if we want to win. Luckily, as the season progresses, the relationship of the team strengthens,” Ellie Baxter, junior cheerleader, said. 

Fortunately, the cheerleaders have connected through long practices, and they’ve established a sense of optimism within their team. At every practice or team-building opportunity, they pushed each other towards success. 

“Over winter break, they practiced almost every day and grew much closer. We used moments at practice for some team building which helps, but ultimately they built bonds just through working tirelessly to achieve a common goal,” Kimberley Beine, head coach, said.