“The Crown” revives Princess Diana’s iconic fashion


Kaysa Flemk-Joli

JHS students following some of the late Princess’s trends.

Ever since she made her public debut in 1981, Diana Spencer, or Princess Diana, was beloved by millions around the world. Her friendliness, charisma and dedication to humanitarianism made her an extremely popular public figure, even after her untimely death in 1997. 

While she was famous for many things, notably her humanitarian endeavors, Princess Diana was also known for her distinguishable fashion in the 1980s and 90s especially after her divorce from Charles George, or Prince Charles. She developed a more individual style that reflected her new-found independence and freedom from the royal family. 

Before the divorce, Diana wore looks from established British fashion designers, including Belville Sasoon and Gini Fratini, whose traditions for classic tailoring dated back 50 years at the time. However, despite this, Diana was determined to give her outfits a more modern and youthful feel, and with the help of Catherine Walker, a lesser-known British fashion designer, she developed a style of her own, and even helped her create a streamlined modern version of outfits for her everyday wear.

After her divorce, Diana began to wear more international designers, including Versace, Dior and Chanel, although she still wore outfits and looks from British designers, specifically Jacques Azagury. During this time, she created a simple yet sophisticated look through her trademark coordinated outfits that defined the enduring fashion of the late twentieth century and solidified her status as a fashion icon.

And now, more than 20 years after her death, fashion trends that Diana set are just as relevant as they were during the 1980s and 90s, and they serve as an inspiration to the latest wave of fashion. Some examples of Diana’s staples that are back and trending include mom jeans, chunky sneakers, white sunglasses and off the shoulder dresses, most of which are now being worn by teens and young adults.

One of the main reasons Diana’s trends are coming back in style is the Netflix show “The Crown,” which follows Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the events in the royal family that developed during the second half of the twentieth century. In the latest season of “The Crown,” Diana was introduced as a character, causing her to once again become popular among the public. 

“Since The Crown showcased Princess Di recently, it reminds society of what an icon she was,” Janina Jeffs, an AICE General Paper at Jupiter High, said. 

Jeffs, who was six years old when Diana died, remembers Diana’s influence on fashion, and pop culture in general, during her childhood, even after Diana’s death. 

“I would have to say that I was not personally influenced by Princess Diana,” Jeffs said. “But I can remember the adults in my life, particularly the women, dressing like Princess Di.”

Even though she wasn’t influenced by Diana’s more bold outfits and formal styles, Jeffs finds herself enjoying the trends that are more comfortable and casual. 

“I participate in the trends that involve comfort  leggings, t-shirt dresses, batwing tops and even Palazzo pants,” Jeffs said.

Although “The Crown” did have a part in the resurgence of the public’s interest in Diana and her fashion trends, recent news of her sons, William and Harry, and the royal family have also played a role in the resurgence of her popularity.  

“Now that her sons have kids of their own, there is a resurgence of interest in her,” Sarah Knudtson, who teaches AICE Digital Design and AP Studio Art at Jupiter High, said. 

Although Knudtson herself never participated in any of Diana’s fashion trends or wore any outfits inspired by the late princess, she still admires Diana for the legacy she left behind and the fashion she continues to inspire today. 

“You have to respect a woman who could rock denim on denim paired with a moonboot,” Knudtson said.

Princess Diana continues to be influential in the fashion industry, and we can see many “It” girls today sporting outfits that draw inspiration from Diana’s iconic and bold looks. We can also see teens and young adults wearing outfits that have elements of Diana’s style, like mom jeans, drawing from her more casual and popular trends.

Although she has been gone for over 20 years, Diana is still beloved by the public, and deserves to be remembered for what she has created and inspired. “Princess Di was very bold with her fashion, why not pay tribute?” Jeffs said.