Valentine’s Day gifts during a pandemic

Valentine’s Day is the one day a year where we get to show our love and appreciation for one another. Making your own gifts, and putting your own personal touch on them can make the gift more appreciated and memorable.  

Since the pandemic began, everyone’s lives have been affected in some way, and saving money has become more important. While Valentine’s Day has a reputation of being a “money-making” holiday for big companies, you can show your affection for someone without breaking the bank. 

Here are some easy and affordable Valentine’s gift ideas to show your appreciation for your loved ones.  

DIY gifts 

While chocolates and flowers are good gifts by themselves, the two go better together. You can glue fake flowers onto for a more creative gift, and you can also do the same for a picture frame. A picture frame is a good gift if you want to get them something more personal. 

To make this, have a box for chocolate, candy or a picture frame. You will then need fake flowers or flower petals. These items can be found at Walmart and the dollar store, which has a large selection of fake flowers and petals. Target also has heart- shaped boxes for sale that you can use. 

If you buy the full flower, cut off the stem so it is just the bud and start gluing them to the box. It is better to use hot glue or superglue for this. If you decide to use petals then glue them in any arrangement you would like, making sure to cover all exposed areas. 

Once you are done you should have a flower decorated gift for your Valentine. 

“Open When…” Letters

Another good personal gift idea is hand-written letters. You can give these to friends, family or significant others. These letters can be about anything,  but are meant for when your person is feeling a specific way they will open the note to make themselves feel better.  These notes range from memories you want to write about to jokes to make the other person laugh. The best way to make these letters is to make them as personal as possible. 

These are simple to make; all you need is paper, you don’t even have to have an envelope. Come up with what you want the letter or letters to be about and begin writing. You can decorate the letter or envelope as well to add some finishing touches. 

Trending Gifts

While the DIY gifts are fun, you may not have the time to make them. Instead of buying the cliche gifts that everyone gets every year, here are other good options to consider. 

At home Boba/Bubble tea kit

Boba tea has become increasingly popular over the recent years. Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, originated in Taiwan and is a tea-based drink that includes tapioca pearls or popping pearls. These drinks come in a variety of flavors and the at-home kit makes a great gift for bubble tea lovers. 

A company called Bubbly Boba Co. sells kits to make the boba at home. Their website includes 10 flavors of boba mix, 5 different teas and 10 different toppings (variety mix of tapioca pearls, popping boba and jellies). Their kits come with cups and straws for your drink, as well as directions on how to make it. 

You can find their website here. 

Beyond DIY gifts, places and experiences

Although gifts are heart-felt, going out and spending quality time is just as enjoyable. Here are a few date ideas on where to spend your Valentine’s Day while being COVID-19 friendly.

Picnic on the beach

The beach is a romantic setting, right in our own backyard, so consider setting up a beach picnic for you and your Valentine. 

Not only is a beach picnic beautiful, it is also budget-friendly. Make or grab dinner from a local restaurant, set up a blanket or towel with you and your person’s favorite food and enjoy a romantic evening while the sun goes down.  


Crafthaus is an art studio located in Downtown at the Gardens where you can paint pottery. They supply the pottery, which includes vases, plates and mugs. They also supply the paint and any other materials you will need. Prices vary based on what type of pottery you choose to paint, but none of the prices are outrageous. 

Crafthaus follows COVID-19 regulations by keeping table spaces six feet apart, and mandating mask-wearing at all times. Reservations are recommended.