“Spider-Man: No Way Home” trailer releases

The new trailer for the upcoming movie, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” was leaked on Aug. 22 on TikTok, and fans were thrilled as they finally got to know just a little bit more about the upcoming film. 

Sony Pictures immediately took down the leaked trailer, later releasing the official trailer on Aug. 23. 

After the release, fans were wondering if the trailer was really supposed to be available to the public this early. 

“I don’t think the trailer was supposed to be released this early,” Courtney McConnell, Jupiter High freshman, said. “I think Marvel would’ve wanted the trailer to be released closer to when the movie comes out, so the hype wouldn’t have died down.” 

Marvel fans have been waiting for a new Spider-Man film since 2019, when the second movie came out, and when the trailer was released fans were able to get a sneak peak of what would be happening in the upcoming film.

“Doc Ock came back and all the realities are messed up. Basically everything that should not be happening, is happening,” Malachi Thomas, a Jupiter High freshman, said.

The trailer also explained questions about what should be expected in the movie. 

“The trailer revealed that there’s a new villain and it’s featuring Doctor Strange,” McConnell said. “Based on the trailer, it made it seem like Doctor Strange was a main character and is expected to help out Peter Parker by doing him a favor that might now work out in the long run.” 

When the trailer leaked, fans had varied reactions, from shocked to confused. However, the trailer has made fans more eager for the film’s release and has helped hype up the film.

“I was extremely excited, and I was very surprised,” Thomas said.

Since the trailer was released five months before the actual movie comes out, fans were wondering if it was rushed to be put together.  

“I really enjoyed the trailer, I felt that it was a little rushed but loved it nonetheless. I’m super excited to watch the movie in December,” McConnell said. 

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” comes out in theaters on Dec. 17.

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