Jupiter High celebrates Winter Spirit Week

Jupiter High’s spirit was on full display during the highly-anticipated Winter Spirit Week that took place Dec. 6-10. 

Hosted by the school’s Student Government Association, the week consisted of dress-up days, morning treats like hot chocolate, a pep rally to celebrate winter sports and a “ball drop” to celebrate the new year.

“My favorite part of the week [was] definitely the pep rally that takes place at the end. You can really feel the one tribe spirit in the gym,” Cal Miller, senior, said. “Everyone is loud, and it is fun to experience.”

At the beginning of the pep rally, the cheerleaders, dance team and band welcomed hundreds of students entering the gym.

“The energy we feel as cheerleaders when students flood in is like nothing else. It is fun seeing friends and chanting to the underclassmen,” Ellie Baxter, senior cheerleader, said. 

The pep rally also featured games with student volunteers and recognized athletes on the basketball, wrestling, soccer and girls weightlifting teams. Jupiter’s boys basketball team sat on the court, while other teams had dedicated seats in the student sections. 

“It was special to have a real spirit week and pep rally, since we did not have this opportunity last year because of COVID-19,” Charles McCullough, senior basketball player, said. “It was awesome being recognized as senior players and it was a great last winter pep rally.”

Winter Spirit Week dress-up days included pajama day on Monday, ugly sweater day on Tuesday, twin day on Wednesday, class color day on Thursday and new year’s best on Friday.

“The people wanted [twin day], so we gave it to them,” Daniel Green, SGA spirit chair, said. 

In addition to organizing the dress-up days, SGA decorated the atrium with artificial snow, fairy lights, mini street lamps and a small bench with a blanket on top. Students took photos and spent time there between class periods and before school. 

“It is impressive to think it is mostly students that come up with all the events that take place during the week,” Ryan Arnold, junior, said. “Twin day had to be my favorite because it is funny to see doubles in the hallways.”

SGA ended the week with a new activity, a ball drop in the courtyard to recreate New Year’s, inspired by an SGA member’s childhood tradition. Michael DeLeonardo, SGA adviser, dropped a yoga ball wrapped in tin foil as students yelled a countdown to “Happy New Year.”

“We had our new year’s ball drop, and it was hard to come up with a day that we haven’t done a hundred times in the past,” Ellie Willis, SGA spirit co-chair, said. “When I was younger, I would do a fake ball drop with my friends, and we would always decorate a big ball with tin foil and lights.”

With the success of this year’s Winter Spirit Week, students and staff are excited for what is in store for the future.

“It is something I look forward to next year for sure,” Arnold said.